Tour with Turbowolf

Totally stoked to be touring with Turbowolf! October is gonna be a might fine month for https://www.tradeup.io/smalan/. Here’s all the ticket links, we hear they’re being snapped up quick so book yerselves in earlybirds…

2nd Oct – NEWCASTLE – O2 Academy 2
Ages 14+
projektowanie opakowań
tel. 0844 477 2000

3rd Oct – GLASGOW – Cathouse
Ages 14+
tel. 08448 444 747

4th Oct – SHEFFIELD – Corporation
Ages 14+
lån uten kredittsjekk
tel. 01142 760262

5th Oct – YORK – Fibbers
Ages 14+
tel. 08444 77 1000

6th Oct – NORWICH – Arts Centre
Ages 14+
tel. 01603 660352

8th Oct – OXFORD – O2 Academy 2
Ages 14+
tel. 0844 477 2000

9th Oct – BRIGHTON – The Haunt
Ages 14+
tel. 01273 606312

10th Oct – LONDON – The Garage (downstairs)
Ages 14+
tel. 0844 811 0051

12th Oct – NOTTINGHAM – Rock City Basement
Ages 14+
tel. 0845 4134444

14th Oct – BIRMINGHAM – HMV Institute
Ages 14+
tel. 0844 873 7359

15th Oct – MANCHESTER – Roadhouse
Ages 18+
tel. 0161 832 1111

17th Oct – LEEDS – Cockpit
Ages 14+
tel. 01132 436 743

19th Oct – BRISTOL – Fleece
Ages 16+
tel. 0117 929 9008

Split Release – Black Moth, “Spit Out Your Teeth” / XM-3a, “It’s Possible”

Our latest release “Spit out Your Teeth” is out now at (http://laser-opole.pl)! It’s a split 7″ with our label mates XM-3a, whose excellent offering is “It’s Possible.”

Spit Out Your Teeth by blackmoth

We’ve seen it available for order in the following places so far:

Jumbo Records: http://www.jumborecords.co.uk/music-item.asp?product_id=NHS0037

Piccadilly Records: http://www.piccadillyrecords.com/products/BlackMothXM3a-Split-NewHeavySoundsRecordings-76542.html

HMV: http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?ctx=280;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=92209

It’s been picking up some splendid reviews:

Artrocker ***** – “The fishnets ‘n peroxide atmosphere of 90s grunge acts such as L7 manifests itself – albeit in a slightly darker shade – with Black Moth’s contribution to this split single ‘stroje karnawałowe dla dzieci’. “It’s strange, but I feel there’s something more…” croons the mysterious singer through what you can only imagine are black lips. Rumour has it The Crow is being re-made: these guys would make an ace soundtrack contribution. Over on the flipside, progressive metallers XM-3A are taking a break from singing about invading robot armies to go all Talking Heads on our asses, courtesy of ‘It’s Possible (Part One)’, which contains an almost Prince-like funky chorus amidst its stomping, riffing relentlessness. “It’s possible! Not impossible!” howls singer Tom throughout, and with this tune motivating your buttocks through a pair of headphones, you might just find he’s right.”

High Votage **** – “The first half of this split single is Black Moth’s offering, ‘Spit Out Your Teeth’, a frankly excellent blast down the Fu Manchu freeway with Melissa Auf Der Maur on the mic. I guess that sounds a little like Japanese Voyeurs on paper, but in practice it’s degrees further down the lo-fi garage-stoner path that draws first album QOTSA to mind or Kyuss. Either way it’s percussive, fuzz and riff-thick rock with a killer lead vocal- who can argue with that? The second half is ‘It’s Possible’ by XM-3A, which is more of a Wolfmother-esque revivalist pastiche of the Zep and Sabbath; for me obviously that’s no bad thing, but I’m not going to lie and pretend it does anything other than that really. It’s a solid slab of rock propelled by a lilting bass riff, and the lead break is simply brilliant.”

Red Hot Velvet **** – ” Black Moth – Some good old Kyuss-style Stoner Rock on offer here. It’s loud, proud and what could be described as ‘dark’ – you know encroaching tendrils of the apocalypse, front seats at the court of Satan, tattoos and biker chicks style dark – but neatly sidesteps falling into melodramatic silliness though it’s menacing glacial pacing, sludgy, wall-like guitar sound and devilishly entrancing vocal work.

XM-3a – Another blast from the past, it’s a psychedelic mixture of grunge sensibility and punkish vigour. Lively, sleazy and probably containing secret messages when played backward, it’s like the soundtrack to the collected works of Ed Roth. There’s a beautiful nostalgic quality to this sound – like digging though you dad’s old vinyl collection – and is probably best appreciated if you have a deep love for checked flannel shirts, skateboards and not combing your hair.”

Album News

As some of you will already likely know we’ve been tucked away in Sheffield at 2Fly Studios working with the immense production team that is Jim Sclavunos and Dave Sanderson. They’ve been a fantastic pair to work with and have really spurred us on to create a record that we’re hugely excited about releasing to you all. In the mean time we have a short teaser video created by James Rhodes and his compadres at The Blind Club.


Last gig!! Good job it’s at the inimitable Alte Hackerei- ex-slaughterhouse punk haven. LUVVIT. Feel very close to death at this point but luckily there is a backstage meat fridge rape space where we can neck a bottle of wine and get the hell back on it!! Played with the brilliant Crackbrained Serenaders (Karlsruhe) and Lipstick Vibrators (Paris). Probably the best gig of the tour. Traded merch for SLAYER tapes, met some brilliant people, INSANE crowd, WOOF!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Manu for the immense emergency 4AM goulache, you bloody legend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debut Single Released!

Our debut 7″ single, “The Articulate Dead/Blind Faith”, is now available at Jumbo and Crash records in Leeds as well as from our own web store: link.

It’s been receiving some tasty reviews from rock royalty such as Jumbo Records:

“Like a sinister spunge soaking up the dark fluids of Danzig, The Birthday Party, Eighties Matchbox, Black Wire and the Doors and smearing it all over your face…This is great stuff…Twisted, Distorted stuff but brilliant all the same. Sultry, moody vocals layered on top of hooky, powering riffage with swirling haunted house organ…What more could you want?!”


A plague has stricken the moths, the moths are dying,
their bodies are flakes of bronze on the carpet lying.
Enemies of the delicate everywhere
have breathed a pestilent mist into the air.

Lament for the velvety moths, for the moths were lovely.
Often their tender thoughts, for they thought of me,
eased the neurotic ills that haunt the day.
Now an invisible evil takes them away.

I move through the shadowy rooms, I cannot be still,
I must find where the treacherous killer is concealed.
Feverishly I search and still they fall
as fragile as ashes broken against a wall.

Now that the plague has taken the moths away,
who will be cooler than curtains against the day,
who will come early and softly to ease my lot
as I move through the shadowy rooms with a troubled heart?

Give them, O mother of moths and mother of men,
strength to enter the heavy world again,
for delicate were the moths and badly wanted
here in a world by mammoth figures haunted!

Birth of The Moths